Specialist Data Protection Support for Businesses

Risk Deputy was founded in 2021 with one goal – to provide a complete, cost-effective solution for businesses to reduce risk by getting GDPR compliance under control.

Experts in data protection

We started out as commercial lawyers in private practice, supporting numerous companies with data protection compliance.

From the transition into the modern era of the GDPR, to Brexit and the new UK legislation, to the somewhat predictable demise of the US Privacy Shield – we were on the front lines of this rapidly evolving area of law, every step of the way.

We’ve worked with companies across a wide variety of industries, from one-person startups to global retailers, providing specialist advice and support on all aspects of data protection law.

A better solution

Legal advice is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data protection. Managing compliance is a practical exercise and we quickly realised that, in many cases, we would be better equipped to do this as consultants than as lawyers.

Moving away from legal practice and focussing on a practical service also means we avoid the excessive overheads law firms suffer, so we can provide a much more cost-effective solution, enabling a closer relationship with our clients.

We founded Risk Deputy with the goal of lowering the barriers for businesses to access the expert support they need, and that principle sits at the heart of all the services that we offer.

Will Eggleston    |    Founder

Will trained and worked as a qualified commercial lawyer at a reputable law firm in Manchester, specialising in data protection and supporting numerous clients with risk and compliance projects prior to founding Risk Deputy.

What do our clients say?

Risk Deputy took the time to understand my business; this made the whole process easy… I also enjoyed their jargon free approach, they took the time to walk me through the documents to make sure I understood how to wield them.

Their GDPR knowledge is second to none and they take great care and attention when delivering the end result to their clients.

– The Realization Group