UK GDPR Compliance Audits

Get a complete picture of the state of data protection compliance across your business.

What is a UK GDPR Compliance Audit?

A UK GDPR compliance audit is essentially an investigation into your business to determine your compliance (and any areas of non-compliance) with UK data protection laws. The audit service we offer is specifically designed to achieve the right balance between the level of detail in the investigation, and the value for money that the exercise represents for the business.

One of the key principles of data protection under the UK GDPR is accountability. This means that just following your data protection obligations in practice isn’t enough – you must also be able to produce evidence to demonstrate your compliance. Your ability to do this will be tested if the ICO investigates any complaints made about your business, and it tends to be fairly obvious when a business is unprepared to do this.

This is why we conduct our audit based on the evidence that you are able to produce in response to a comprehensive range of questions and topics spanning all of the principles and obligations in the UK GDPR.

Why undertake an audit?

Identify your strengths

Embarking on a GDPR compliance project can be daunting. Knowing where you stand in respect of each of your obligations is a vital starting point, and understanding your existing strengths will help you to prioritise your efforts for maximum efficiency.

Determine your risks

Often the most valuable outcome of an audit is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the risks the business faces as a result of non-compliance. We explain your shortfalls and the risks they pose as well as recommending actions for remediation.

Demonstrate compliance

Being investigated by the ICO can be a stressful time for the unprepared. Make the most of this opportunity as a practice run in a safe environment, where you will receive a clear appraisal of your ability to satisfy the GDPR’s accountability requirements.

What does the audit involve?


The Investigation

First, we will ask you to respond to our audit questionnaire which we meticulously designed to enable us to get as complete a picture as we can of your compliance standards across all areas of the GDPR.

The type of evidence you provide may range from documents such as policies, procedures and contracts, to written explanations of operations or practices. We will provide a secure data room for you to upload supporting documents.

As we review the information that you have provided, we will begin to build a picture of your compliance efforts. It is likely that we will need to come back to you to request further information or clarification of your evidence, and in some cases we may request remote interviews with key staff to answer further questions.



Once we have completed our investigation, we will prepare an audit report to share our findings with you. For each area of data protection law, the full audit report sets out:

  • the key criteria that we assess your evidence against
  • a traffic-light rating for your score against each criteria
  • our comments and advice about the evidence you provided, explaining any apparent shortfalls in compliance.

We will also provide an action plan for addressing any areas identified for improvement, as well as a 1-page executive summary of the results of the audit.

Finally, we will meet with you (usually via Teams) to go through the report together – this is your opportunity to ask any questions, and you may wish to discuss your options on how to achieve and maintain compliance going forwards.

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