Risk Deputy Advice Helpline

Quick and simple access to a dedicated data protection expert, at an affordable monthly cost

Expert support when you need it

Ensure your compliance team has quick and simple access to expert guidance and support at an affordable monthly cost with the Risk Deputy Advice Helpline.

Managing data protection compliance in-house works well for some businesses, but obtaining support when questions or issues arise typically means having to research consultants or lawyers, obtain quotes, approve budgets and sign terms before you can proceed. This halts progress for significant matters, and is often impractical for day-to-day queries.

With a fixed monthly budget that can be adjusted up or down to reflect your requirements, our Advice Helpline takes the hassle out of seeking support so you can make the most of our knowledge and practical experience every step of the way, not just for the most serious of issues.

Just pick up the phone or send us an email – we’re here to help.

The Risk Deputy Advice Helpline is ideal for:

  • data protection officers, managers and other individuals responsible for monitoring GDPR compliance within their business, to provide day-to-day support to their role;
  • organisations that already have a DPO (data protection officer) or compliance team but would benefit from having an independent expert on hand to answer questions and provide guidance and recommendations;
  • consultants and other individuals or businesses that help their clients with any aspects of GDPR compliance, to provide support and guidance on more complex data protection matters.


We offer three standard Helpline plans based on the level of support that you may need, and bespoke plans are available on request.


2 hours’ helpline support per month

£250.00   per month


4 hours’ helpline support per month

£450.00   per month


8 hours’ helpline support per month

£800.00   per month

If you think you may need more than 8 hours’ support each month, you may wish to consider our Remote DPO Service instead. We will discuss your requirements with you during the initial consultation.

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